What Is Silicon Carbide Waterproof Paper?

1. Making

Silicon carbide waterproof paper material:

Silicon carbide, C paper backing;

silicon carbide, C-D paper backing.


Silicon carbide waterproof paper specifications:

silicon carbide, C Kraft paper back lining; silicon carbide, Finnish or Chinese C-D kraft paper liner.


High-Quality Silicon Carbide Waterproof Paper is made from silicon carbide. Silicon carbide, Finland or Chinese kraft paper backing waterproof latex sandpaper is suitable for wet and dry work, polishing and sanding putty, plastics, and steel. It is effective and durable with longer lifetime than general abrasive paper, the same time prevent loading. Sandpaper can be sanded by hand or machine, which is very suitable for wet and dry sanding. Each piece of paper is firmly bonded to the waterproof paper with resin to ensure that the back of the paper is soft and flexible, so that it can fit your hand or machine well. The material grit is printed on the back of the paper for easy identification.


2. Application

Silicon carbide waterproof paper for the following materials: 

floor, car body, wood, plastic, paint, metal.


Silicon carbide waterproof paper application scope:

remove paint on wood, furniture and metal surface;

body fine polishing, wood, plastic products manual paint.


Silicon carbide waterproof paper is mainly used for grinding and polishing machine tools, automobiles, ships, instruments, furniture and wood, plastic crafts, mechanical parts, etc. Especially suitable for precision instruments. Outstanding performance; abrasion resistance; both wet and dry use are great. Very suitable for the smoothing and polishing of the car body, very suitable for the manual processing of paint on general wood and plastic. The characteristic of wet and dry sandpaper is that silicon carbide abrasive is installed on soft waterproof paper, which is an ideal choice for achieving consistent, smooth and delicate surface treatment.



3. Charateristics

Features of silicon carbide waterproof paper:

  1. Primer grinding, excellent performance;
  2. Prevent loading;
  3. Dry and wet use;
  4. From coarse grinding to fine grinding;
  5. Strong grinding ability, no dust pollution, can adapt to dry and wet sand grinding;
  6. Sand grinding hasa uniform and good grinding effect;
  7. Electric coating.

4. Packaging

Silicon carbide waterproof paper packaging method:

50 pieces / color box; 10 pieces / hanging label.



Silicon Carbide Waterproof Paper is an ideal choice for those looking for a powerful yet cost-effective way to do polishing, and remove paint or stain from any surface quickly and easily. With its superior performance characteristics compared to traditional sandpaper options, this material can help improve production times while ensuring safety standards are met at all times – making it an invaluable tool across many industries today.