Do You Know About Mesh Sanding Disc?

The mesh sanding disc is generally made of synthetic fiber filament mesh cloth as the matrix, synthetic resin as the binder, and fine-grained abrasives (usually silicon carbide or alumina abrasives) are bonded to the matrix. Special abrasives , most commonly used in the repair of car bodies, in the paint defect repair process to achieve the desired surface finish. Gridded sand has many features in application that other coated abrasives do not have.

Features Of Mesh Sanding Disc

  • First of all,it’s a precise polishing tool with good polishing effect, and it can also play a role in removing surface dirt during polishing. The surface of the mesh sand is lint-free, the aperture is clear, the heat dissipation effect is good, and the aperture can prevent clogging, thereby improving the grinding effect.
  • Besides,both sides are covered with abrasive, which can be double-sided. It can also be used after washing and drying, and its grinding efficiency and service life are longer than ordinary sandpaper and abrasive cloth.
  • What’s more,when polished, not the entire surface plays a polishing role, but many points on the matrix play a polishing role.
  • The abrasive is coated on the mesh by gravity planting or electrostatic planting. It has soft andwaterproof properties, can polish various regular or irregular surfaces, and has good grinding and chip removal performance.
  • In addition, the mesh abrasive clothhas the polishing effect of double-sided grinding, and the quality of the two surfaces is basically the same. The mesh velcro disc has been proved by production and use, and has basically met the requirements of use, and has a good polishing effect.

Application Of Mesh Sanding Disc

Mesh sanding discs are commonly used for pre-dusting sanding of dry board walls, as well as derusting, grinding, and polishing of various metal surfaces. Because of its sharp grinding capabilities, it may also be used to polish wood, stone, and machinery.


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