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Choose The Best Coated Abrasive Products For You

Are you still bothered by rust, burrs, protruding welds on the surface of stainless steel, metal, etc? The variety of coated abrasive products can provide you with a better choice.


What are the characteristics of the coated product?

The abrasives used for coating products are alumina, silicon carbide, zirconium corundum, ceramic and so on. These abrasives have certain hardness and wear resistance.

Binic alumina particles have a self-sharpening effect, providing long lasting high performance grinding. It is made of fine alumina particles that produce consistent scratches and help create a finer final finish.

Silicon carbide is a special abrasive particle commonly used for heat-sensitive applications. Silicon carbide is commonly used to polish marble, garnet and glass.

Zirconium corundum abrasives have dense structure, high strength and good grinding effect on steel cast iron and alloy materials.

Ceramic abrasives have high hardness, good wear resistance, strong self-sharpening and good chemical stability.


What are the types of coating products?

Sanding disc




BINIC ceramic and Alumina Finishing Film Series are designed to remove dirt nibs, run sand other surface defects on automotive metal grinding and paint removal.Film is much more durable than paper and will not tear easily.The high durability provides longer product life and even surface provides outstanding finish.Suitable for wet environment.

Sanding roll/strip




The equipment of sand strip is simple, easy to operate, strong processing adaptability and low grinding cost.

Sanding paper

Silicon carbide waterproof abrasive paper mainly used in paint polishing sanding, precision instruments, metal, wood, electronics, composite materials, automotive body repair.

Sanding sponge/foam

Silicon carbide non-woven sheets

Where can the coating be applied?

Coated abrasives can be divided into grinding and polishing because of different abrasive types and abrasive particle levels, mainly used in metal, wood, stone (marble, granite), automobile, floor, super hard metal, etc.

How do you choose the right product for yourself?

You can choose according to the object of sanding:

If you are sanding wood, choosing a product that uses alumina sandpaper would be a good choice.Although logs are used, you can choose zirconia sandpaper for wood milling applications.

For harder metals, choose zirconia sandpaper if you want to remove burrs or paint.

For stainless steel, zirconia or ceramics are feasible methods.

Why choose us?

Binic started its operation in 2001 with manufacturing and exporting of abrasive products,and our coated products have a great competitive advantage in the market.

Moreover,after so many years of development, our company’s systems are constantly improving, we have our own factory, our own production system, perfect after-sales service, both quality and cost performance can give you a better shopping experience.