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What is a Sanding Sponge and How to Use it?

Coated abrasives are used for varying levels of material removal, surface finishing, and polishing. They may be turned intodifferent sanding paper types such as abrasive belts, large rolls, sanding disc pad, and sandpaper, and sanding…

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How to Use and Storage the Sanding Disc

It is believe that friends who often use sandpaper know that sanding disc pad is used for industrial grinding or polishing. People usually use ceramic sanding disc or sandpaper for car paint. When  This…

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Different Types of Backing in Coated Abrasives

Abrasives are attached to paper, cloth, film,etc. and can be converted into different sanding paper types such as abrasive belts, large rolls, sand discs and sandpaper, and are applied to different degrees of material removal, surface…

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