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What Are Fiber Discs Used For?

Fiber discs are designed for long life, high stock removal and cold cutting action. Their backings are made of vulcanized fibers coated with a resin binder and abrasive particles on the…

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How To Choose The Right Sanding Tool

For inexperienced enthusiasts, having to choose among the many abrasive tools and products available on the market can be confusing. I’ll discuss a number of frequently used DIY woodworking and…

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What Is Non-Woven Abrasive Pads?

A non-woven abrasive is a three-dimensional fiber web in which resin balls and abrasives are embedded in the fiber network. Typically, the fibers are nylon or other synthetic materials. Abrasive types…

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Where Can Using Sponge Blocks Sanding?  

  Binic Abrasive Sponge sanding blocks is made of foam plastic, which has good elasticity and twistability, will not scratch the work piece, and changes according to the shape of the work piece. Grinding…

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