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8 Tips for Working with Abrasive Sandpaper

Abrasive sandpaper is an essential tool in a variety of industries, including woodworking, metalworking, and automotive repair. They are used to remove rough surfaces, smooth out edges, and create a polished finish.…

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Introduction of Abrasive Belt Backings

When it comes to coated sanding, the first thing you’re likely to hear about are abrasive formulations — alumina, ceramic beta-alumina, silicon carbide and zirconia beta-alumina. Today, we’re going to…

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What is Coating?

What is Coating? Coating is on the surface of the PC coated with a layer of material, used to enhance corrosion resistance, scratch resistance and ink printing adhesion, in fact, the…

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What The Sanding Belt Using For

I. Basic structural elements of sanding belts. Sanding belts are generally composed of four basic elements, i.e., substrate, binder, abrasive and structural form. As shown in the table.   Substrate – cloth…

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